How to prevent joint and muscle problems?

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Lack of movement is one of the many concerns associated with aging. Joint discomfort is well-known to worsen with age. What better method to avoid joint and muscle problems than to maintain the health of your joints?

The most important rule for avoiding joint stiffness is to stay active. Building enough muscle to keep fit might go a long way toward keeping your joints healthy. If the weather becomes too chilly for outside activities, you may still discover ways to exercise indoors. Push-ups, step-ups, and squats can help you stay active while lubricating your joints throughout the season. 

Dr. Mukesh Mahajan, one of the top doctor in Keshav Nagar, Pune, can provide you with exercise recommendations tailored to your fitness objectives and effective joint and muscle problem treatment.

People in their late twenties and early thirties are getting joint discomfort, which was once the domain of the fifties and sixties. There is a desperate need to understand what is causing this and what you can do early to prevent joint and muscle problems from becoming devastating in the future.


Obesity or being overweight: 

Obesity or being overweight is a prevalent problem that puts a lot of strain on our joints. Even a ten-kilogram excess over your desired weight can harm your joints in the long run. Joint health is one of the essential health benefits of keeping a healthy weight and remaining within healthy limits.



It is necessary to wear comfortable, good-for-your-body footwear. If you have work that needs you to wear heels, put in the time and effort to select comfortable, good shoes and limit your use of shoes that are harmful to your spine and joints at other times. Proper leg alignment and balance might help you avoid future injuries.



While the benefits of exercise are well-known, there is still some controversy concerning the long-term implications of high-impact sports and exercise on joint health in the long run. You can do this by alternating high-impact activities with low-impact stretches. 

Swimming and yoga are two activities that have a very low or no impact on the body. It is impossible to overlook the importance of warming up and cooling down your body before and after exercise. It gives the tendons a progressive stretch and loosens them up. This reduces the risk of damage as well as the development of weakened joints or joint pain later.


Give Up smoking: 

Smoking has been shown to harm bone and joint health and raise the risk of bursonitis, tendonitis, lower back discomfort, and osteoporosis. Your joints are also affected by weak bones.


Muscle imbalance: 

Our bodies are intelligent machines, and if particular muscles are weak, the body adjusts by employing other, stronger muscles or joints. For example, knee inflammation and pain are caused by weak inner thigh muscles. We wouldn't notice until the overworked part protested and began to pain. The best technique to recuperate is to strengthen the underused weak muscles so that the body is balanced again.


Physical Therapy:


Minor or niggling pains or issues should not be overlooked. Take physical therapy to keep your joints in the most excellent possible shape, regardless of your age or stage of life. It will not only benefit you now, but it will also maintain your joints healthy in the future.

So, pay attention to your body's signs and take care of your joints today to ensure a pain-free tomorrow. If you have joint and muscle difficulties, please contact the Phoenix Multispecialty Clinic, a famous general physician clinic in Pune. Here, Dr. Mukesh Mahajan will provide comprehensive and best joint and muscle problem treatment in Pune.

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