How to manage your diabetes in Keshav Nagar, Pune

The increase in the number of Diabetic cases has become a pandemic situation all over the world. Among all the countries, India's diabetes case is so severe that India is said to be the diabetes capital of the world.

Dr. Mukesh Mahajan Created on 13th Jan, 21

The increase in the number of Diabetic cases has become a pandemic situation all over the world. Among all the countries, India's diabetes case is so severe that India is said to be the diabetes capital of the world.

Many people in Pune are also facing the same issue. Hence, they are searching for the best diabetes treatment. Not only the treatment people in Pune require proper advice to cope with effects related to diabetes.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the procedure that can help you manage your diabetes. So, read the article till the end and know in detail.


In any case, you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, and you should visit the best multi-speciality clinic in Keshav Nagar, Pune near your locality.


Let us start with what is diabetes?

In simple words, diabetes is a malfunctioning of your body, where your body stores the excess amount of glucose. The situation may arise if your body stops responding to the secretion of insulin hormone or your body cannot produce the required amount of insulin.


Diabetes can be of three types.

Type 1- In this case, your body stops producing an adequate amount of insulin.


Type 2- In this situation, your body does not respond to insulin. So, we recommend medications that can reduce the amount of glucose production in your body.


Gestational- During your pregnancy, some of you can develop many complications. Gestational diabetes is one of them.


Do not take any of the types of diabetes lightly. If you have developed diabetes, avail proper treatment. Many people think that diabetes is not such a severe illness, at least in the beginning. But it would help if you kept in mind that it is the door for getting affected by other diseases. In severe cases, it can lead you to life risk as well.


Now let us see what treatment is available for you?

Diabetes treatment includes medications to control the level of glucose in your blood. These medicines work in two ways. But before starting treatment, we undergo specific compulsory blood tests.


We suggest you undergo the A1C test also. It helps us in understanding the blood sugar level for the past three months. Along with this, we will check your blood pressure and cholesterol level in blood as well.


After completion of the blood glucose test, we follow the following procedure for treatment.

  • Either, they control the production of glucose in your body to bring down your blood sugar level.
  • It works in a way so that your body can produce the required amount of insulin to maintain the blood sugar level.
  • In severe cases, we may recommend your particular dosages of insulin injections as well.


So, why do you need the treatment?

Taking care of your diabetes includes holistic care about your health. If your blood sugar level is average, you will experience

  • Energetic
  • Less thirsty and less tired
  • Controlled urination
  • Fast and easy healing
  • Lower chance of heart disease
  • Healthy eyes with proper vision
  • Reduced chances of nerve damage
  • Healthy and fit kidney
  • Less number of teeth and gum problem


Taking only medicines and doing nothing will not help you to cope with diabetes. Most importantly, you need to reduce your bodyweight if you are overweight. You need to have proper food as well.


Here, we will explain those aspects that are going to help you live with diabetes.

  • At first, reduce your stress level. Having stress can trigger terrible diabetes. Involve yourself in works that can make you feel happy. Explore new hobbies and try to stay away from depression.
  • Having a properly balanced diet is compulsory to control diabetes. If you have developed diabetes, your diet should include a proper quantity of fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates. You should avoid unhealthy and oily junk food, alcohol, and high sugar-containing foods.
  • Include fruits to maintain your health. We have seen in many cases that diabetes can affect your immunity and digestive system. So, having fruits is a must.
  • Keep your body weight under control. A moderate exercise just for thirty to Forti minutes regularly can help you reduce the extra calory that you intake every day.
  • Stay safe from any trauma and wounds. Diabetes can create problems with your injuries.
  • Check your blood glucose level regularly and visit us at least twice a year.


At the beginning stage of diabetes, if the blood glucose level stays near the accepted level, we only advise you of lifestyle modification. This lifestyle modification can help in reducing blood glucose levels as well.