How to manage stress?

Stress is the means by which your body reacts to any ask for or peril. At the point when the body feels pressure in your nerve center, a little part in your brain hails your adrenal organs arranged at your kidneys to deliver synthetics.

Dr. Mukesh Mahajan Created on 27th Feb, 21

Is it true that you are worried? 

Is it true that you are facing difficulty dealing with your everyday life? 

Is it appearing to be everything is leaving from your hand? 

Read the article to comprehend the issue. The best general physician in Pune is here to disclose a few procedures to deal with your pressure. 


What is stress? 

Stress is how your body responds to any request or danger. When the body feels pressure in your hypothalamus, a small part in your mind flags your adrenal organs situated at your kidneys to release chemicals. 


These incorporate adrenaline and cortisol into the circulatory system; accordingly, these chemicals trigger your liver to create more glucose. At last, it gives you an energy boost, and your breathing becomes faster alongside higher heartbeat and circulatory strain rise. 


In some cases, stress happens because of trauma. All the chemical substances can be gainful in these circumstances, as they give you more energy and strength and accelerate your response time. 


Interestingly, if the pressure is brought about by something enthusiastic, it tends to be destructive because there's no source for this additional energy and strength. 


Now let us see the most common causes of stress:

  • Workload
  • Financial trouble
  • Health issues
  • Complication in relationship
  • Poor nourishment
  • Sleeping hardship


All of these are highly harmful to your health that can lead you to severe complications. 


Now, let us see how does stress affect your body and health in the long term?  

In the long term, stress may result in the following complications-

  • digestive disorder
  • Long-term migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Overweight
  • Type 2 diabetes 
  • The issue with your memory
  • Cardiac issues
  • High blood pressure


Here we are explaining strategies to manage your stress: 

It is necessary to comprehend the procedures of stress the board. You can always visit our general physician clinic in Pune to avail of proper consultation. The means to be followed are as per the following: 


1 . Healthy eating and drinking: 

Healthy dietary patterns are the initial move towards your stress-free life. Stop consuming frozen yoghurt, every one of those carbonated drinks, oily, and junk food. Move your emphasis on a wide range of seasonal products of green veggies. 


Remember to add lean proteins like fish, chicken, eggs, milk in your eating regimen plan. Continuously keep a good balance in glucose, proteins, fibres, and fat in your eating regimen. 


You should drink 5 to 6 litres of water each day. It keeps your body hydrated and runs all your functions efficiently. Alongside this, it will assist you with eliminating all poisons delivered to your body because of high pressure and tension. 


2 . Avail rest properly: 

Your body will thank you with a more joyful standpoint if you rest appropriately. You'll be better ready to deal with every one of your pressure, tension, and stress that comes in your direction. While you rest, your body revives inside yourself. It diminishes the danger of cell harm, and you get a stable and tranquil life. 


3 . Stay active:

Do not lose your valuable time merely considering what, how, and why. Get rolling, jump into busywork, go for a walk if you have free time. Get in touch with your exercises buddy. 


It is always better to have friends while doing exercise. It releases feel-good hormones, which eventually change your mood. Yoga is another aspect to benefit your body and brain. 


4 . Enjoy meditation: 

Meditation has many health benefits. It keeps your mind quiet and encourages you to think effectively in any circumstance. Likewise, it will help you in improving your health conditions too. 


You will achieve a better concentration level also. It builds your fixation level alongside your responsive limit. Indeed, even your Psychotherapist can likewise propose you practice contemplation. 


5 . Enjoy your hobbies: 

You should invest your free time enjoying what you like to do. It can be reading, writing, travelling, playing games, anything, and you should not ignore them. 


Over every one of these things, it would help you stay positive and attempt to have a normal existence to dispose of nervousness since circumstances will come when there is a high chance of jumbled up. However, your propensity to follow routine will take care of you.