Diabetes - What are the symptoms and causes?

Glucose is essential for your body's work since it gives a huge measure of energy for your body cells. It helps your muscles and tissues by giving the necessary energy also. Sugar is in like manner the fundamental fuel of your psyche as well.

Dr. Mukesh Mahajan Created on 11th Feb, 21

Diabetes mellitus incorporates gathering various illnesses that impact how your body uses blood sugar(glucose). 

Glucose is fundamental for your body's work since it provides a tremendous amount of energy for your body cells. It assists your muscles and tissues by providing the required energy as well. Sugar is likewise the essential fuel of your mind too. 

The causes of developing diabetes differ according to the types. Even the seriousness of diabetes depends on the type of diabetes you are suffering. Whatever it is, an excessive amount of glucose in your blood may lead you to an extreme level of unexpected problems. 


An uncountable number of individuals are influenced by diabetes in the entire world. The circumstance in India is very troublesome. Thus, appropriate diabetes treatment is obligatory. 


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Here, we would learn the symptoms and causes of diabetes thoroughly. 


So, let us learn the symptoms of diabetes?

The symptoms of diabetes vary depending upon the amount of sugar in your blood. If you are suffering from type two diabetes or prediabetes, there will be no symptoms as such in the beginning. 


However, if you have developed type one diabetes, then the symptoms will grow more quickly. In this case, the result will be more severe.


Symptoms of type one and type two diabetes are –

  • Urination more than ten times a day
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain
  • Increased hunger and increased thirst
  • Tiredness and drowsiness
  • High creatinine level in your blood
  • Damaged eyesight
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Infections in your different body parts, mainly in feet
  • Slow healing of wounds and sores
  • Gastrointestinal problems and indigestion


Type one diabetes can occur at any age. There is no specific age for the development of type one diabetes. Children and teenagers are more prone to develop type one diabetes. 


At the same time, type two diabetes is most common among older and middle-aged people who have reached their forties. 


So, what are the causes of developing diabetes?

causes of developing diabetes

You must know the working procedure of insulin and glucose in our body to understand the causes of diabetes. Your body gets the energy to work from glucose. 


Whatever you eat, your body absorbs them and converts them into glucose. Along with this, your liver makes glucose to maintain the sugar level in your blood. After this, your bloodstream absorbs the produced glucose. 


Then again, insulin adjusts the sugar level in your blood. Insulin is the hormone that comes from an organ called the pancreas. Insulin makes the sugar present in your blood go into your cells. Accordingly, it brings down the blood sugar level in your body.


These factors have a direct relation to the function of your body. 


Type one diabetes: 

It is yet unknown why someone has type one diabetes. However, your overactive immune system can be a reason. The overactive immune system can damage the workability of your pancreas. In the end, it leaves no or almost no insulin. 


So, when your blood glucose level increases, there is no mechanism to check that increasing blood glucose. As a result, you have type one diabetes


Other than this, the reason can be your heredity too. If you have a family history of developing type one diabetes, you are at the risk of developing the same at any point in your life.


Type two diabetes: 

If your body has become insulin resistant, you may experience type two diabetes. Other than this, your pancreas' inefficiency to make an adequate amount of insulin can also be a reason behind kind two diabetes. 


Subsequently, the glucose stays in your blood circulation system other than going into your cells. In case you are overweight or have severe mental pressure, you can experience type two diabetes.


Gestational diabetes: 

During pregnancy, your body may stop responding to insulin. This issue emerges because of an inevitable change in hormone discharge designs in your body. However, the circumstance gets over after the gestation period gets over. 


In the end, we can say that diabetes is nothing but a malfunction of your body. So, along with proper care, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and healthy food habits with adequate rest can bring you out from this malfunction.