5 Ways for Women to Prevent Arthritis

Joint pain is normal in ladies, yet you can find a way to forestall joint inflammation later or moderate its development. On the off chance that you have unreasonable agony even subsequent to receiving these tips, you can visit your expert for additional treatment.

Dr. Mukesh Mahajan Created on 2nd Feb, 21

Many women in Keshav Nagar suffer from arthritis pain and stiffness. Are you suffering from arthritis pain as well? In this article, we have discussed arthritis pain and how you can prevent it.

Let us begin by understanding what arthritis pain is.


What is Arthritis?

Arthritis stiffness and pain occurs when the cartilage — the rubbery cushion inside the joints that absorbs the bones' shock and helps them glide smoothly while moving wears out. 


You feel arthritis pain when there is not enough cartilage left inside your joint to safeguard your bones from damaging one another. 


Now that you know what arthritis is let us understand why it commonly affects women.


Why arthritis affects more women? 

One answer may be the physical differences between the genders. For instance, Men have more knee cartilage than women. Also, as per a recent report, knee replacement procedures more than tripled in women between ages forty-five and sixty-four over the last decade. 


Women have more risk for the autoimmune condition rheumatoid arthritis than men, which experts believe may be because of hormonal differences, among other reasons. 


Lastly, women may face a higher emotional burden from arthritis than men. A survey showed that seventy-eight percent of women with arthritis think that they get little support from friends and family than sixty-six percent of men.


Now that you know some of the reasons why arthritis affects more women let us discuss how you can prevent it.


Fight back against arthritis

Now, what can you do? The bright side is that there are risk factors of arthritis that you can prevent. Begin with these essential steps for arthritis management:


1 . Maintain a good body weight

Too much bodyweight is among the best-known and main arthritis risk factors. The more pressure you apply on your joints, the quicker they wear away. 


Every added kilogram of weight you get on is placing pressure on the weight-bearing joints, like your hips and knees. Losing weight is a thing you can do that truly brings a difference [in arthritis pain]. 


As your weight reduces, you decrease stress on your joints due to the low workload. Add in fibre every day and consume more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, also limit fat and refined carbohydrates. 


Keep in mind that minor changes are usually easier to manage than big ones. Hence concentrate on baby steps at first for longer arthritis pain prevention.


2 . Trade-in your high heels

The human foot is not made to be on its toe's whole day long, a fact that escapes shoe shoppers and fashion designers. Also, for few people, high heels can cause issues. 


It is better to wear them occasionally; however, they can cause several problems if worn every time. If you can get a more joint-friendly style most of the time, your body will appreciate you.


3 . Do non-impact exercises

Some exercises can predispose you to arthritis and osteoarthritis pain. High-impact exercise, including soccer and long-distance running, applies too much stress on your joints and can wear out the cartilage quicker than worsening your arthritis. 


You can turn in your running sneakers for biking shorts or swimsuits. You can go for water exercises or biking if you want to be active and prevent arthritis pain.


4 . Check your vitamin D

Visit your doctor in Keshav Nagar to check your vitamin D levels. It is an intelligent move for arthritis prevention. Women who have enough levels of vitamin D have reduced osteoarthritis progression. 


If you take vitamin D supplements, the benefits probably outweigh the risks if you do not take a lot. However, if you are taking vitamin D, it is best to have your blood levels monitored by your doctor.


5 . Stay hydrated

Another reason to drink excess water is to prevent arthritis. The cartilage in your joints is made up of water; this makes it a fantastic cushion for the joints. 


When you are dehydrated, water is sucked out of the cartilage, and wear and tear occur more quickly. This can be found in women with osteoarthritis of the spine or degenerative disk disease. 


When the cartilage discs in the spine lack water or moisture, they are dried out, which raises pain. Drink water throughout the day to keep your cartilage healthy. A daily six to eight cups now may pay off in the future.


Arthritis is common in women, yet you can take a few steps to prevent arthritis later or slow its build-up. If you have excessive pain even after adopting these tips, you can visit your specialist for further treatment.